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Soapstone is a steatite, a form of talc.  This mineral is used to make many things from conductors to talcum powder. For a long time it has brought the art out of carvers. This then brings joy to many people. 
Stoneman Distributors provides high quality Brazilian carving stone at an affordable price.   Open since Dec. 1, 2001, we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.  We're here to serve your carving needs. 
Carving Kit
 An excellent for the beginner.  Or to give a wood worker a new medium to try. Everything needed to create a sculpture is included.  The colour of the Brazilian Soapstone makes the stone a piece of art by itself.  Add imagination and in no time you will have an interesting work of art.  When your first piece is finished, we can handle your future needs for high quality stone.  For more info, click on the picture
20 lbs. of  Brazilian Soapstone Pieces 
Excellent for beginners, craft stores, and hobbyists.  A variety of brown and green stone pieces are available. Small pieces can be used to make necklaces, pipes and other small works with reduced the cutting. These pieces are good for Scout groups or camps and they are popular with public school classes and workshops.  Polish the pieces up and stack them to make your own Inukshuk (Northern Native Symbol) . 
  Click on picture for more info.
Makes an Excellent Gift 
Carving Soapstone
If you do not like a certain colour of stone, heat it up and use a shoe polish with colour. Or you can actually dye the stone with cloths dye. It helps to darken what you have. Do not try to change a brown into a green or the other way around. It just helps to highlite what you have. Always try it on a scrap piece first.
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Great for groups or classes and children
We hope to continue to increase our inventory of different carving material, but the main thing is to maintain the high quality that is demanded by you, the consumer.
Along with the stone we also added a few other items for you to enjoy
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Brazilian Soapstone
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Native Carving Kit

Use this starter kit as a tool to try the craft of soapstone carving. The kit has a piece of soapstone 3"x3"x3/4" , one file/riffler, and 3 grades of sand paper. Skill and imagination is still not included.  This kit is used in schools, groups, and just for fune. Some people collect them just for the files that are in them as they are each from a set of 8.  This way they can have fun while collecting the set of rifflers. The kits are  $10.00 or 6 for $50.  To get the wholesale price, the kits are sold in a box of 30. Contact Stoneman for more info on the wholesale price on our other kits. Click anywhere on this item to take you to the other carving kits available.