8-PC    7-1/2"
Riffler Rasp Sets
 $14.95 Set 
These Rasps are excellent for the biginner carver. They are perfect for getting into those very hard to reach places.We will sell them in a set or individual, but the better value is as a set at listed price.  The course files, round or flat are 8" long.  The donut file is a very good tool to get rid of a large amount of stone on an inside curved area.  These go very fast.
               We want to focus on bringing our clients the finest carving soapstone that we can, but we will always carry a few tools in the store to provide you an extra service, so you may not have to run around looking for  lower costs but spend your time creating.  If you look, you will find them cheaper, but is running around worth it.  We also sell various grit sandpaper. All waterproof.  This  all helps to make coming to us, a one stop shopping place for you craft.
Large Donut Rasp
Inside Curves
$14.95 Each

4-in-1 Combination Rasp. Curved on side and flat the other. Coarse and fine.
$5.00 Each.
Assorted Waterproof Emery/Sand Paper
9"x11" Full sheets
220/320/400/600/800 Grit 
$1. ea sheet
1000/1200/1500/2000/2500and 3000 Grit
 $2.00 ea sheet.
8-PC   10"
Riffler Rasp Sets
large Coarse
 $24.95 Set 
Carving Pouch and tools
Keep all your carving tools together and protect all the money that you have spent on your carving tools. This set comes with the following . 1 13 pocket extra heavy canvas tool roll. 1 800gram hammer, 1 plat chisel, 1 5 tooth chisel, 1 pointed chisel, 1 set of 8 rifflers. 
Canvas Carving Sand Bag
Canvas Carving Sand Bag
Help support and protect you carving from cracking or chipping. By using this high quality heavy canvas sand bag, you will prevent your piece from certain cracking. Allow the bag to take the vibrations and not your art work.  The bigger bag will allow the piece to sit on it and the longer narrow bag can be used to wrap around the piece to hod it steady.  These bags are made using the best canvas and easy filling with the velcro end.  A very valuable set to have or even on their own. The sand is not included for reasons of shipping.
6" x 20"
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All the tools on this page are only good on the soapstone. They are not  high Carbon Tipped. That is why there is not another zero on the price.