Carving Kit

The Carving Kit  come in a Canvas bag . The kit contains the following items so that you may enjoy the feeling of creating a masterpiece in stone. Brazilian Soapstone.  The stone comes in a natural shape so you may use the shape as a guide.  All regular tools that work with wood will also work with Brazilian Soapstone. The stone is soft so it is the very best to start the facinating art of carving.  Good for Children and Adults.  What a tool to get your child or partner into a new interest and to allow them to bring out their art that is within them. 


3"x3"X5" piece of Brazilian Soapstone
1 set of 8 Riffler/Rasps  Assorted shapes
1 larger  4 -IN -1 File/Rasp
1 piece each of 220/320/400/600/800 grit wet/dry sand paper
Dust masks
Imagination and Skill NOT Included

You will not need anything more after this kit, unless you want special items once you get hooked in carving. Stoneman would be happy to send you more stone so you may continue your craft.

Cost is  $49.95 Canadian Funds
We also have a larger kit for $59.95 which has a larger piece of stone.
plus any taxes and shipping that apply.

This is not a carving kit that you would normally see at a hobby shop. It is not just one of a thousand different objects that are put on a page. It is a well thought of idea that includes everything that you need. Not a 100 page book that really does not tell you anything, but just simple instructions that allows you to create what you want and not what the seller wants you to carve. It is you that is doing the creating.   We are all individual and so shall our carvings. I do not give you only 1or3 tools so you are limited, but I give you 8 assorted with double ends which then gives you 16 files.  I also do not make you pay for fancy packaging, but save the cost for the kit and the contents.  Below is what you recieve and every kit is packaged by myself ( Robert).
Now with New Packaging
A new heavy duty Canvas bag to keep everything together
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Bigger Stone
Same Bag
Eagle Does not come with the kit